Track all bills and payments from vendors for the company during daily business activities
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The Accounts Payable module keeps track of all purchases from vendors and the payments required.  The vendor information form keeps track of each vendor’s demographic information as well as purchase and payment history.  


Key Features:

(included in the Accounting Manager software)

• Unlimited number of vendors can be added.


• User-definable vendor ID codes.  They can be up to 10 characters.


• Keeps track of payments and the invoices to which they apply.


• Allows for handwritten or manual checks.


• Bills do not have to be run through A/P.  You can enter a check to pay a bill at the same time you enter the invoice.


• Handles overflow of stub detail on vendor checks.  It does not void the next check, rather it prints a message on the stub letting the vendor know that more information is available on the vendor statement.


• Prints Sales Taxes Payable report to assist in paying sales tax liabilities.


• Prints vendor 1099s.


• 1099s can be placed in a file that can be transmitted electronically through the IRS-FIRE.



Set up a vendor record for each person or company from which you purchase a good or service, including your company if you charge expenses to any wells within the database.

Enter Bills

When a bill is entered using this screen, expenses are allocated to wells based on the owner’s division of interest in the well. Bills for well and non-well related expenses can be entered using the same screen.

pay bills

This screen will list all outstanding bills or you can specify it to list all bills due on or before a certain date. 

Once you’ve selected the bills you’d like to pay, you can choose to Create Checks. This will mark the bills as paid and create the vendor checks. 

Available Reports:

Aged Payables Report

Shows a listing of outstanding invoices by vendor.


Sales Tax Payable Report

Shows the company's sales tax liability for a particular date range.


Vendor Activity Report

Lists all purchases and payments for each vendor.


Other Reports:

  • Vendor Listing/Labels
  • Vendor Check Statement
  • Cash Requirements
  • Outstanding Bills Report
  • Bill Payments Report
  • Purchase Journals


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