Track the sale of products/services, customers, payments and inventory

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The Accounts Receivable module included in the Accounting Manager software includes customer information, invoicing, customer payments and inventory.  

Invoices can be created and printed “on-the-fly” or they can be batched and printed as a group later.  The inventory/billing code file tracks the products and services that you sell and interfaces with the invoicing process.  Reports such as customer labels, aged receivables and sales journals can be printed at any time.



(included in the Accounting Manager software)



Add billing codes to make sales/invoicing features easier to use. If you maintain inventory of items your company sells, you can add the inventory also.

Add customers to the customer file to be able to invoice them.

Create a new invoice to be sent to a customer. Once created, payments can be received from the customer. You can also create recurring invoices for customers.

receive payments

Receive payments from your customers for invoices created from sales/invoicing. This is not the place to receive payments for well owners for well deficits.


Customer Statement

Shows outstanding invoices and current balances, and a statement of account for your customers.


Aged Receivables

Shows each customer and if a detail report is chosen, displays each outstanding invoice and what its age is. If a summary report is chosen, it will show each customer and their aged balance.


Other Reports:

  • Customer Listing/Labels
  • Invoice Listing
  • Invoice and Payables Report
  • Sales Journal Report
  • Billing Code Summary



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