Create your own reports and benefit from almost unlimited flexibility

in what data shows up on the reports.Advanced Reporting

Pick the fields needed to create the columns desired for the report. 

Then set up a filter to pull only the information you want the report to contain.



(optional feature)


Choose the desired fields

You can choose fields from any of the files that make up the database and style them the way you want.


Pick Fields Graphic

Create filters to pull the desired info

Easily create the filters that determine what information will be pulled for the report. Choose a field from one of the tables and then choose what operator to compare the data with, such as "Equals" or "Is One Of".

Determine how the info is sorted

Adv Reporting Sort

Choose from the available sort fields to sort the data on the report the way you want.

Finalize the report by choosing formatting options

Specify the heading for the report as well as any footer information.

There are several templates available that change the "look and feel" of the report that can be chosen. 



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