SherWare Case Study: AIM Energy

About AIM Energy

AIM Energy is a medium operator and producer in Northeast Ohio.


The Challenge

AIM Energy needed a user-friendly software that would allow its user to input oil and gas production and operating expenses for each of its 70 wells, as well as perform other necessary state and county tax reports.

Why SherWare

The company began using the Accounting Manager to distribute production checks to about 150 working interest and royalty owners, as well as to maintain their general ledger and generate financial reports for the company’s other partners.



AIM Energy found no other software comparable to SherWare. It met all the needs they had for their oil and gas operating business.

“The system is very user friendly and has many safety checks throughout the system to assure accuracy in input and output,” said John Miller, operator at AIM Energy. “I also value the constant updates to the software and the ability to contact a member of you staff when I have questions or encounter problems.

“I have told many of my associates and friends with other companies that the SherWare software is outstanding and have recommended that they give it a try. I would recommend SherWare to anyone that has an operation requiring oil and gas or financial reporting.”



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