SherWare Case Study: Blauser Well Service

About Blauser Well Service

Blauser Well Service handles distributions for multiple companies in Southern Ohio.


The Challenge

Blauser Well Service needed a way to track production on wells that it had an interest in for its multiple companies. The system they were previously using was running out of room and they were going to have to begin deleting history to continue using it. The company also wanted to get reports that were easy to understand and produce.

Why SherWare

The company purchased the Accounting Manager soon after it was released in 1997 to handle the distributions and accounting for multiple companies. Since Blauser’s Well Service’s purchase, the company now operates around 350 wells between several companies and sends out several hundred checks per month and no longer has to worry about running out of room within its software program.



Blauser Well Service tracks multiple companies within SherWare’s software and needs to have reports available instantly for all of them. “The reports are what we value most,” said Vicky Cross, distribution manager at Blauser Well Service.

“Being able to send reports to an excel spreadsheets is great. The end of year tax reports are great to send to an accountant. I have had no problems working with the Sherware staff and they have been quick to respond. I would highly recommend purchasing of this program to others.”



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