Disbursement and JIB Manager

If you don’t need something to handle your accounting, and just need to be able to better manage your revenue distribution and joint interest billings, then this program is perfect for you. We’re talking a 10 here.

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Stand-alone Application

No Integration Needed

Everything needed for rev dist and JIBs

Central Location

Not locked in after processing

Easily Correct Mistakes

Revenue Distribution and JIB Together

Quickly Distribute & Bill

Disbursement Manager


Organize your incoming revenue and
expenses with our stand alone distribution package. This software contains everything needed to disburse your revenue and/or bill for expenses.

With no accounting integration, this package allows you to track the oil and gas side of your business with all the industry detail you need.

Customize your package to fit your company at any size with our optional modules such as land management and AFEs.

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