Attach scanned images and other documents to records in SherWareDocument Manager Graphic

Scan any and all documents related to your wells, leases, owners or bills being entered in SherWare


(optional module)

• Screens you can attach documents to:

  • Lease Information
  • Owner Information
  • Well Information
  • Division of Interests
  • Enter Bills
  • Cash/Production Receipts


• Attach scanned images, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PDFs


• Helps keep original documents with data entered from that document


• Allows the attachment of documents already on the server without having to save another copy


• Have source documents readily available for financial audits


• Save space by getting rid of filing cabinets


• Optional integration with Treeno Software Cloud Document Management system

Treeno Software Cloud Document Management System
(Additional monthly charge required)

SherWare has partnered with Treeno Software to take your document management to the next level.


What is the Cloud Document Management System?


Treeno’s Cloud Document Management System allows you to store all your well and lease-related documents on Treeno’s servers to be accessed from any computer or system that has SherWare with the click of a button. Essentially, the Cloud Document Management system becomes thes place where you store all your “paper” documents -- except its kept right at your fingertips and filing cabinets are no longer needed. 



• With your documents stored on Treeno’s servers, you won’t have to worry about backing up all your documents and can rest assured they’re secure.

• Since all documents can be accessed by the click of a button, your office will have reduced cost of operations and no longer have to search through filing cabinets to find documents. Everything can be accessed through SherWare or any web browser.

• With instant access on your computer, you will also save time from having to dig through paper documents to find what you need for audits, research and your landmen.


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