SherWare Case Study: Everflow Eastern Partners

About Everflow Eastern Partners

Everflow Eastern Partners is a large, publicly owned oil and gas company in Northeast Ohio.

The Challenge

Everflow Eastern Partners needed an integrated oil and gas accounting software system that could handle its accounting, and revenue and joint interest billing needs for its 1,200 wells and more than 17,000 land owners. The publicly-owned company also needed the capability for reliable reports to turn into the SEC annually and quarterly.

Why SherWare

The Accounting Manager gave them a software application that could handle their company’s accounting needs with its general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable modules, as well as the revenue distribution and joint interest billing needs. 



“We have a system that suits our needs, enabling us to operate efficiently and report effectively to our owners, investors and regulatory units,” said Rich Jones, managing partner at Everflow Eastern Partners. “Reports are available to download to Excel, which enables us to effectively evaluate large amounts of data.” 

“The system is very easy to install, maintain and run. SherWare is there to support us when we have  questions or issues.”



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