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The General Ledger is the only place that "double entry" accounting is apparent in the software. It requires you to balance all transactions by debiting/crediting the appropriate accounts.

Key Features:

(included in the Accounting Manager software)

  • Unlimited accounts can be added to the Chart of Accounts.
  • Account Numbers are user-defined and can be up to 6 numeric digits.
  • Accounts can be found by a pop-up account list when needed.
  • Allows journal entries to be made through an easy-to-use journal entry screen.
  • Entry errors can be easily corrected by editing the original entry.
  • A full audit trail is available to track all changes to the G/L.
  • Recurring journal entries can be set up to save data entry time.
  • Produces financial statements, including Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Both financial statements can be printed in a comparative format, which compares the current month and year with the same month last year.
  • The general ledger can be printed for a particular period, a range of periods or for an entire fiscal year, allowing for easier verification and comparison of entered data.
  • Entries are date sensitive, which means there is no period closing required before moving to the next period. Transactions can be entered for any period with the date on the transaction determining to which period it gets posted. Periods can be closed, if desired, to lock the period from future changes.

Available Reports:

• General Ledger Account Activity

Shows accounts chosen for a particular period range and the debits and credits made to each account.


• Balance Sheet

Shows the company's balance sheet as of a specific date.

Standard - Shows the current period's balance sheet accounts and balances.

Comparative - Shows the current period's balance sheet accounts and balances and the same period as last year.


• Income Statement

Shows the company's income and expenses for a given period and year to date.

Comparative - Shows the same period as last year as well.


• Trial Balance

Shows the accounts beginning balance, the period's debits and credits and the accounts end balance.


Other Reports:

  • Chart of Account Listing
  • Journal Reports
  • Transaction Group Journals
  • General Ledger Activity by Well
  • General Ledger Activity by ID
  • General Ledger Activity by Dept
  • General Ledger Clearing Account Reconciliation Report


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