Track and bill gas usage for a homeowner who is using your gas

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(Optional module)


Set up preferences

Set up initial information accounts for posting, default price, terms and extra charges.

Set up house gas owners

Define owners and associate them with the meter number.

Enter House gas meter Readings

Track the meter reading and invoice dates reading each month and price adjustments. Owners can be set up to receive a preset amount of free gas and then be billed for any gas over the allowed MCF granted.

Receive House gas owner payments

Receive any payments from House Gas owners.


House Gas Listing - Lists names and addresses for all House Gas owners and their usage.


Owner Usage Statement - Shows each owner's total usage for the current month totals and meter reading for each month prior in the year. If they've used more than the alloted MCF it is printed as an invoice.


Usage Report - Shows total usage for selected range of months.


House Gas Route - Shows owner's names and addresses, meter number and description, date and value of last reading. It also allows entry of the current reading and entry of new comments.


House Gas Receivables - Shows outstanding balances for the owners as of a given date.


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