Handle every detail in your lease and delay rental payments.


The Land Management module is a simple lease obligation tracking system for delay rentals and other obligations related to leases.

Once the payment obligations are set up you can easily check to see what payments are coming due then print a check to pay them.

Documents can be attached to the leases for quick and easy reference.


(optional feature)


Track leases in detail

The possibilities for tracking leases are nearly endless. Tie multiple wells to leases, tie multiple leases to wells, tie a single lease to a single well.

  • Define  your own formations and tie a lease to multiple formations
  • Define the surface owner for a lease property
  • Specify latitude and longitude for the lease
  • Split the net acres of the lease into shallow and deep acres...

Track as little or as much detail as you need, all with the added ability to attach documents relevant to each lease, accessible at the touch of a button.


Stay on top of lease obligations


Never miss an obligation payment again. With our Lease Obligations screen, everything regarding the obligation for each lease can be tracked, counting down the remaining balance on the lease.

Keep specific notes on the clauses of the lease obligation, as well as informal notes you’d like to keep track of.

Send delay rental payments out on time

Automatically create checks for each delay rental payment. Set your preferences to automatically check for delay rental payments each time you open the software and set how much lead time you want notice of before it notifies you of upcoming payments.

Create an expense code for delay rental payments that can be expensed to the wells associated with that lease.


Details available to keep track of:

  • Number of acres owned in a lease
  • Rental per acre
  • Payment Frequency
  • Payment each Period
  • Yearly Payment Total
  • Payment Total to Date
  • Payment Start Date
  • Next Payment Date
  • Lease Duration
  • Expiration Date
  • Prospect
  • County/State
  • Township
  • Agent
  • Gross Acres
  • Net Acres


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