Allow your owners to access their reports and data onlineOnline Reporting

With our Online Reporting feature, you can give your owners acces to their owner distribution statements, check stubs, 1099s and tax information securely from a website built for your company.



(optional feature)

build site

With your help, we will design a website for your company to either match your existing website or to match your company's logo and style.

The site will include a secure section for your owners to log in using their Owner ID and a password that you assign. This will allow them to access their Owner Distribution Statements, check stubs, 1099s and tax information at any time. 

You will have complete control over what reports each owner is able to access by using the administrator function of the web site.

SetUp Users

Set up the users who can login to access reports. This will upload user records for each owner in the currently open company's owner file from SherWare. The username will be their Owner ID and the password will be the last four digits of their tax ID.

Setup Email templates

Create an email template to be sent to owners when their reports are ready to be uploaded, or create a new email each time you want to notify owners of their reports.

Upload Reports

Select a range of owners or all owners whom reports should be created and uploaded. All owners with activity between the owners selected will have reports generated.


Owners Login


When an owner logs into your onliner repoting site, they will see a screen similar to this showing them the report options they can view and download.



• Owners can view/download/print and reprint their reports, check stubs and 1099s at any time without going through your office.

 • You will save time and money by not having to print and mail statements to your owners each month.


We'd be happy to help answer any questions you have. Give us a call to speak to our support specialists. You can reach us at 330-262-0200.

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