Calculate each employee's pay

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The payroll module allows you to process and track payroll. Employees can easily be set up along with all of the tax rates, deductions and additions that may be required to create payroll checks.


Once the employees are set up, payroll processing involves little else besides entering the hours each employee worked for the period.


(Optional module for Accounting Manager only)



The three main setup screens you'll need to specify before beginning are the general payroll settings, setting up each employee and setting up any income, tax or other deductions associated with the employee.


Enter the payroll, then you can print your payroll checks.



The payroll reports in the software allow you to print W2s, 941 worksheets, FUTA/SUTA reports, Payroll deposit liabilities, Payroll Register, Payroll Detail and Payroll Stub reports.

See example of a Payroll Stub report to the left.


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