Quickly distribute revenue for royalty and working interest owners


Enter the data from the purchaser checks you receive into our Production Receipts screen and allow our software to do the rest of the work.

We take the revenue entered and then divvy it up between the wells that earned it based on the division order you’ve set up within our software.


Enter revenue received

You can enter revenue three ways into the software:


Revenue Check/Statement

Production Receipts Screen

This is the primary mode of entering well-related revenue. In the Production Receipts screen you can record all revenue received from the purchaser for several wells on one receipt from one check, as well as any deductions withheld by the purchaser. It can cover as many wells as necessary.

Well Revenue by Well

Well revenue can be entered on a well-by-well basis on the Well Revenue by Well (8/8ths) screen. This screen is primarily used for making correcting entries to a well's revenue totals, and also for viewing the total revenue entered for a well during a run, regardless of the data entry window used.


Revenue by Gas Meter


On the Gas Meter Reconciliation screen,  sub-meter readings can be reconciled against their master meter reading. After the reconciliation, the correct MCF values can be allocated to the wells automatically.

Close a Revenue Run

(distribute to your owners)



What we’ve termed as Close a Revenue Run is used to mark a clean cut-off for income and expenses.

Owner and vendor checks are created with the check date given and placed in the check register to be printed.

The revenue and expenses that make up this run are marked as closed so that they can't be changed, or included in any future revenue run closings.

The Revenue Run Closing Summary is created and can be printed or viewed on the screen. It summarizes all activity for the closed run.



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